We changed our name!

We called this press Running Water Community Press because water makes everything grow. People grow from knowledge and when we tell the truth, our spirit grows. Truth-telling lets our spirit flow free, like clear running water. Everything needs to be transparent, clear to see. 

– Maureen Jipyiliya Nampijinpa O’Keefe, Warlpiri Kaytetye author

Chairperson of Running Water Community Press

‘Lyapirtneme is an Arrernte word that means growing back, returning. It’s like if a bushfire went through the land, and all the trees burnt down, and the roots underground are still alive. When the rain comes you see little shoots growing out of the bottom of the tree, growing back again.’ 

Therese Perrurle Ryder, Arrernte Elder

In this anthology twenty-one Arrernte women share poetry from the heart of the continent around the theme Lyapirtneme.

This publication is a partnership between Akeyulerre Healing Centre, NT Writers Centre and Running Water Community Press (formerly Ptilotus Press).

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Maureen Jipyiliya Nampijinpa O’Keefe reads from her story ‘Healing Songs’,

published in Campfire Satellites; an inland anthology (2019).  Video made by P. Raftos. 

 Running Water Community Press is a community controlled publisher run by our authors and other local writers affiliated with Mparntwe/Alice Springs. We pay our respects to the First Peoples of Arrernte Country where we live and work.


For First People’s visiting this website, we warn you that it contains images and voices of deceased persons.