Living Room–poems from the Centre  
ed. Jan Owen 
ISBN 9780975110904 

Paperback 124x194mm 145g. 114 pages 

From domestic intimacy to national politics, from the country of myth to the specifics of landscape, this collection of contemporary voices from Central Australia brings together for the first time a diverse group of poets whose common link is the place in which they live. The poems speak about love, loss, desire, memory, the ambiguous encounter, the moment that encapsulates a larger truth. 
There are poems in this collection which could have been written anywhere, and a few which could have come from nowhere else. Tough, funny, introspective, sensual, the voices are with one exception women’s voices, a subtly indicator that the impact of place on this collection is stronger than it seems. Kim Mahood

Ten poets contributed to the collection, evoking life and relationships in many places, both real and imagined, as well as the ‘living room’ of Central Australia.

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