Through Old Eyes

Poems by Uncle Wes Marne

Published by BLACKBOOKS® a division of Tranby Aboriginal Co-operative Limited. A partnership with Running Water Community Press.

“These poems are of my life, and I like to share with everybody my life as an Aboriginal man – everything I have done is in these poems.” – Uncle Wes Marne


RRP: $19.95

ISBN: 978-0-6454282-0-9

Paperback: 210mm x 135mm, 112pp.

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Uncle Wes Marne has a unique ability to allow the reader to see through his experienced eyes. The power and wisdom of his words is now more than ever important for the future generations to understand the time and place they exist in.” – Ben Bowen, CEO Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Uncle Wes writes with poignancy, resilience, and inspiration about our history, our ancestors and of what he has learnt on his life’s journey. His poetry is an expression of the legacy that he wants to share with us all. His warmth, connection to culture and love for community keeps the fires of Indigenous knowledge burning bright. Uncle Wes’ book of poems is for everyone, across all ages, races, and denominations. This book is the product of a wonderfully creative collaboration between the indomitable Uncle Wes, Tranby – in our 65th year of operations – and our newly re-launched BLACKBOOKS Team”. Dr Belinda Russon, CEO Tranby Aboriginal Co-operative

Uncle Wes has lived and worked on Darug Land in Mt Druitt, Western Sydney for more than four decades. In 2011, he was the proud recipient of the first Nanga Mai Love of Learning Award and in 2012 he received the Western Sydney University Community Award. Uncle Wes is a member of the Mount Druitt and Districts Reconciliation Group which, for the past 22 years, has organised a reconciliation walk in Mt Druitt and advocates for Aboriginal self-determination across all areas. He launched ‘Through Old Eyes’ to mark his 100th birthday.