The Water Justice Project

a community-led storytelling project saying no to the Singleton Station Water License

Directed by Maureen Jipiyiliya Nampijinpa O’Keefe.

Filmed and edited by Peter Raftos, Minotaur House.

Translation by Maureen Jipiyiliya Nampijinpa O’Keefe and Marie Elena Ellis.

Produced by Running Water Community Press in collaboration with Arid Lands Environment Centre.

Working in partnership with Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre, Ali Curung.

Funded by Groundswell Giving.

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Ali Curung Community Statement – Stop Singleton Station Water License


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We are saying no to the removal of our water. The Northern Territory government is using forceful and deceptive tactics to give Fortune Agribusiness our water. We don’t want to give out the water. It belongs to the land. It is the most precious resource in the world that they are trying to take away from us. We don’t want that.

We need to stop the Singleton Station Water License. We need to stop the Northern Territory government from granting the water license to Fortune Agribusiness. Leave this water alone, it is from the beginning. It is from the creation time.

We don’t want money, we just want to protect this water for everybody. We all live in the Northern Territory. Water is scarce in the desert. We really need water for the future generations. The water license will have a big impact on the land. If the water level drops, it will soon produce salinity. It will be bad for the health of the people. Water is life and our lives matter. We don’t want to suffer. We don’t want to buy water from the shop. We can dig it on our own, get water from the waterholes or dig it from the soakages. We know where the soakages are. We are going to keep our water and our soakages for our children.

This water license will cause the biggest damage the Northern Territory government will ever create and there will be no way to fix it. Once water is gone, it is gone. It will be us mob who are going to suffer in the end, us mob who are really living on this land. All Aboriginal people need to speak up against the Northern Territory government for taking our land and giving it to strangers from overseas. We must safeguard this water for our lives and our children and our wildlife.

Leave the water for Indigenous people. We are saying no. If you destroy this land, it is just like you are ripping a page out of a story book and the story is not there to tell for the future generations. We need water for us and for our animals, for turkey, emu, kangaroo, cats. Don’t leave us with no water. We will fight to keep our water. It is for the lives of everybody who lives here in Ali Curung.

That’s our strong message to the government. Do not to take this water from us. We need it. We want the Federal Government to step in and work with us to protect our water. We are all saying no to Singleton Station Water License.



Graham Jupurrulla Beasley

Peter Jupurrulla Corbett

Richard Jangala Holmes

Ned Jungarrayi Kelly

Alison Nampijinpa Downs

Maureen Nampijinpa O’Keefe

Valerie Nelson Nakamarra

Zeza Nampijinpa Noreen Egan

Julie Nangala Wauchope

Jennifer Nelson Nakamarra  

Daphne Napanangka Dickensen

Arana Nangala Rice

Elizabeth Brown  

This statement was developed by Senior Elders and community members of Ali Curung as part of the Water Justice Project – a community-led initiative by Running Water Community Press, Arid Lands Environment Centre and Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre Ali Curung.